Retire Overseas Index Showcases World’s Top Retirement Havens For 2015

“Kathleen, this index you have published this year is the most comprehensive and in-depth publication of this type I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Thanks!”

–Steven W., United States


“Kathleen, this is an amazing issue. I particularly like the ‘why not’ section… valuable for a lot of reasons. And aside from the editorial content, the graphics and layout are the best I’ve seen.”

–Lee H., United States


“Dear Overseas Retirement Letter, thank you for this issue. It is a fine piece of work.

“Forgive me one small quibble. I think something has gone wrong with the detailed page numbers on your contents page. After the Climate chapter, many page numbers seem to me to be showing as 55, which clearly isn’t right.

“As this is, I guess, a flagship publication (and rightly so), you may wish to correct the numbers.”

–Adrian F., United States

Yes, thanks. We’ve corrected those contents page errors. Download your issue anew, and you’ll have the corrected version. Again, thank you for taking time to write.

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