How To Retire Overseas Resources Naming Top Retirement Havens For 2015

“Kathleen, I do hope this email actually makes its way to you personally.

“I am considering retiring overseas, so I was delighted to come across information about you and your newsletters.

“However, I’m now realizing that this is a huge marketing device. There’s no way to find the necessary information in one place to make any comparisons or decisions about the appropriate location for me. Instead I am bombarded with promotions for books and packages into the hundreds of dollars about one country at a time. If I bought all of these offers to make a thorough search, I would be spending a fortune, which I don’t have. Supposedly, the spirit of this enterprise is to help people relocate in order to survive on their retirement savings.

“It occurs to me that what might have started out as a genuine desire on your part to help seniors contemplating life changes has morphed into a money machine. How very disappointing.

“If I am wrong, if I’ve missed the single book that examines and compares ALL of the choices, then please advise me, and I’ll order that. Otherwise I believe you have failed in your mission. And certainly failed in helping people like myself.”

–Ron C., United States

Hard to compare all choices for all people in a single resource. However, here are some that might help:

I published a book called “How To Retire Overseas” that considers the idea in general and looks in some detail at 14 top choices, comparing and contrasting them for cost of living, health care, infrastructure, climate, etc. This book is a bit dated now, but you can take a look at it here. I see that Amazon is offering a resale copy as I write this for US$4.99.


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