Retire Overseas

“Kathleen, that piece published today should be required reading for every high school and university student in the United States. Not to mention the folks stuck in the condos and the subdivisions in the burbs, afraid they will never be able to make friends or a new life somewhere else in the world.

“They just hang out, waiting for things to get better. How sad.”

— Bill S., Panama


“I just subscribed to your newsletter today after finishing your book ‘How to Retire Overseas’.

“For my first e-letter I received Paul Terhorst’s essay on change and moving (the car-breaking-down theory). This is a whole new way of thinking for me!

“I agree with you. We can’t change others, so why should I stay and fight ridiculous battles when I could just move?

“The truth is, I love the idea of moving and discovering a new place. It’s much different to live somewhere than to vacation or visit temporarily. But I’ve always felt guilty to think this way, as the perception of everyone else has been, ‘at your age, you should be settling down.’

“A few years ago, I gave in and bought a house so I could, as everyone seemed to want me to do, ‘settle down.’ Now I feel trapped. Especially in this economy when selling a house isn’t so easy. I’ve been planning my next move with my sights toward retiring overseas.

“Thank you for the book, the website, and the delightful new attitude. It’s given me new hope!”

— Candace M., United States

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