Retire Overseas With Children

“Kathleen, longtime reader, first time writing to you. I’m a 30-something business owner from the United States with three kids interested in moving overseas. I took your advice and went with my dad to visit Panama for a month in August 2009. Although I really enjoyed the country (we spent half our time in Panama City and the other half at the beach in Coronado), I just didn’t feel it was really going to be a match for my family.

“Since then, my father has moved to Cali, Colombia, so it was good to see you writing about Medellin. He’s really enjoying himself. The cost of living is great, and he feels very welcome and safe. Whenever he has a problem (his Spanish isn’t very good yet), someone is always there to help out.

“I know that your service is primarily geared toward retirees, but here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Safety
  2. Good educational opportunities
  3. Great weather
  4. English-speaking

“When taking all these factors into account, Malta seems to keep coming to the top of the list, but I haven’t ever seen you write anything about it. What’s your opinion on this country? Any other suggestions?”

–Brian H., United States

I agree. I like the idea of Malta. However, this is based on what I’ve read and on what friends who’ve spent time there, including one girlfriend who has been living in Malta for several years, tell me. As much as I’ve wanted to visit this country, I haven’t yet.

That admitted, based on what I’ve heard and read, I’d say that, yes, Malta could be a good match for you. The downside could be cost, as Malta isn’t a budget choice.

It also isn’t easy to get to.

English-speaking is probably the most limiting criteria on your list. Given that, I’d also suggest Ireland. In addition to being English-speaking, it is another safe haven. Plus, it boasts a good education system.

Like Malta, though, Ireland is not a budget choice…and the weather is seriously not good.