Retire To Belize

“Kathleen, Belize sounds wonderful. My only concern is all this construction going on. What about the environment? Is any thought given to environment preservation?”

— Renelde L., United States

Perhaps you’re confusing my reports from Panama City with those from Belize. Right…in Panama City…mucha construcción.

But in Belize? No. With a handful of particular exceptions, this isn’t really a concern.

I’d recommend that you go see Belize for yourself. Some tiny percentage of this country has been and is being developed…in very concentrated areas–around San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, for example, and around Placencia on the mainland coast.

Otherwise, this is pristine jungle and rain forest. There are but three highways in the entire country. Fewer than 300,000 people, again, in the entire country.

The concern with Belize isn’t over-development…it’s that, for some, it’s too undeveloped. There’s not much there, if you know what I mean.

But what there is in Belize is precious. And I don’t think there’s real concern anytime soon (or even thinking very far ahead) that this will change in any noticeable way. The limited development that is taking place is being controlled and regulated.

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