Retire to Central America

“Kathleen, I am very interested in your info and Belize Starter Kit, but I noticed you didn’t mention such real-life challenges (problems) as tropical insects, diseases, and, especially, hurricanes. I prefer someone to be up-front about everything and not to gloss over real concerns just for your marketing purposes!

“What about this? Is hurricane insurance available?

“Keep it real!

“What are the odds of this showing up with your saccharine-gushing customer comments?

“I really am interested, though, but I need to be totally informed.”

— John E., United States

Yes, sir…Belize has hurricanes, insects, snakes, and tropical diseases…as elsewhere in the Caribbean…and as suggested here: Belize Warts And All.

Yes, you can insure against the hurricanes. Not, though, against the bugs or the snakes. 


“Kathleen, could you please tell me what Tricare medical care is, how you get it, and roughly what it costs? This is the first I have heard of it. Is it accepted in Mexico,particularly around Guadalajara and the lake communities?

“After a recent visit, I believe that I will give the area around the lake near Guadalajara a try. Are there other private medical insurances accepted in Mexico, instead of the state-run insurance? Thanks so much.”

— Jim F., United States

Tricare is the U.S. health care program serving active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, military retirees and their families, and certain former spouses worldwide. To be eligible for Tricare benefits, you must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Several different medical plans are available if you’re eligible. You can find out more here:

If you don’t qualify for Tricare coverage in Mexico, several other good health insurance options are available in this country, including both Mexico-based insurance policies (what we call “local policies”) and international insurance policies (for example, Bupa,

Our complete guide to medical insurance around the world is available here.

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