Retire To Costa Brava And Costa Daurada For Some Of Europe’s…

“Kathleen, I have the same question as Jim who wrote in to you recently but reverse. Jim’s question was: ‘One thing I don’t like is hot, humid, rainy weather, at least not most of the year. Is there a location or country with four seasons, with mountains, that is also desirable in general terms for expatriation?’

“You responded that for this type of weather, Chile is head and shoulders above the competition.

“I am a resident of Chile (Los Andes at the base of the cordillera) and a temporary resident of Spain. I love Chile’s weather, but I find the cost of living very high and would like to become a permanent resident of Spain.

“Where can I find a dry climate in Spain without the extremes of temperatures, i.e. unbearable hot summers and cold winters?

“Thank you in advance for your expert advice.”

–Jean-Louis L., Chile

Euro-Correspondent Lucy Culpepper replies:

Take a look at the southern end of the Costa Brava region of Spain (avoiding Lloret de Mar, which is horribly touristy) and the northern end of the Costa Daurada, notably Tarragona, Torredembarra, and the more pricey but lovely Sitges.

These areas have four seasons, though spring and fall are short, sometimes only one month each. July and August can be briefly sticky but nothing like the tropics, and that brief discomfort is compensated for by lovely winters sometimes warm enough to spend the day on the beach in shorts and T-shirts.

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