Retire To Costa Rica

“Kathleen, I purchased your recent Live and Invest Overseas Conference Kit that you offered at a special price of US$98, and I couldn’t be happier. I really appreciate your work and all of the information you have in this conference package.

“Here is my question: Do you have any information about retiring in Costa Rica? I notice that you don’t talk about it in your work. Is it too overpopulated with expats, not a good place? I’m just curious what your thoughts are on this country, as I was originally looking at it, along with some other countries, as a retirement option. Makes me wonder about it since you don’t talk about it.”

–Judy S., United States

As I’m sure you’ve seen, our Live and Invest Overseas Conference Kit includes a presentation on Costa Rica from five-year Costa Rica expat David Stubbs.

In other words, we recognize that Costa Rica is an option people want to know more about.

That said, it’s not one of our favorite options. I first recommended Costa Rica as a top retirement choice more than 25 years ago…when it was a top retirement choice. In the quarter-century since, prices have risen dramatically, especially for beachfront real estate, and infrastructure and services haven’t kept pace with the inflated cost of living. In other words, given the standard of living you’re buying in Costa Rica today, I’d say the cost is too high.

Furthermore, safety has become a concern, both in and around San Jose (which is a seriously not nice city) and on the coasts.

Finally, in recent visits (four over the past few years), I’ve gotten the feeling that the Ticos don’t want us gringos among them. They’re happy for us to come and spend our dollars, but then they’d prefer it if we moved on.

This last point is my impression. You might have a different one. And, indeed, Costa Rica offers advantages, as David explains in his Live and Invest Overseas Conference Kit presentation (notably the climate around San Jose, which is mild and pleasant year-round).

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