Retire To England Or Scotland?

“Kathleen, to be honest with you, the only thing I found offensive about the material you sent recently was how long it took for the guy to deliver his message. I truly believe it could have been delivered in half the time.

“Perhaps next time you might add to the warning by saying: ‘Please be prepared to pitch a tent and bring food while listening to this message.’

“Other than that, I love your newsletters and your advice.”

–Norman S., United States

“Kathleen, I have read your outstanding book How to Retire Overseas,’ and I greatly appreciate the thoroughness of your coverage and all the recommendations.

“We are contemplating relocating to France but do not speak French. We realize we would have to become fluent in the language to live there. I am in my early 70s, and my wife is in her 60s.

“We are also thinking about the UK as a possible location. Is there any reason why you did not recommend England or Scotland as a potential retirement location in your book?”

–Mead K., United States

The weather and the cost. Living in the UK countryside would be more expensive than living in the French countryside…and London is more expensive than Paris.

Plus, the weather in the UK is, in a word, bad.

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