Retire To Europe

“Kathleen, we’d love to come to your Orlando conference, but long before we learned about it we scheduled a scouting trip to Dublin to check out areas there where we might like to retire.

“We’re not beach people; rather we’re city people who’d like to spend our retirement exploring Europe. The preview Teleconference you offered was quite informative and made us wish we could attend, because we could pick up some important information, but we’ll be in Ireland instead.

“Would you consider a conference in and about Europe? I think there are probably a number of us among your readers who have considerably more than US$600 to US$1,000 a month to retire on and who would like to know about a wider range of options. We’ve learned a lot from your e-mails and much more from your book, but our disappointment is your seemingly narrow focus on Latin and South America, on beach or mountain properties rather than cities, and on cheap destinations.

“Really rich people can live wherever they want; those who have only Social Security can learn a lot about places to live from the bulk of your newsletters; but those of us in the middle seem to be left out of your great advice.

“European locations are mentioned, but only in passing and far less often than inexpensive Latin and South American or Asian locations. We are not the budget retirees, nor are we looking for hammocks. As with many Baby Boomers who are on the verge of retirement, we want an interesting, active life.

“The only place that appeals to us particularly that you’ve discussed is Paris. How about Dublin, for instance? How about other European cities where someone who can afford US$1,500 to US$2,000 a month in rent could find a nice neighborhood?

“We don’t want to flee the United States because of its problems; we want to fly off to an adventure. I think there are a bunch of us out here who don’t need (1) to be frightened into moving overseas because the U.S. is doomed, (2) to be convinced that moving to some cheap tropical country is the only solution to our retirement dilemma, or (3) to be spurred into wanting to live overseas (because we have lived overseas already or because we are adventurous enough to want to).

“As I said earlier, there are useful tidbits in your newsletters; however, I really think you’re leaving out a huge bunch of us who could use well-researched information on other more middle-class retirement destinations.”

–Annette L., United States

We hear you.

Orlando could have been a good option for you, as this event will highlight five top options in Europe right now (including Ireland).

In addition, we’re planning a Europe-specific event for 2012. Details to be released soon. You can register your interest (and be on the list for early registration discounts).


“Kathleen, our first scouting trip to Panama is less than three weeks away! Any must-see recommendations for a young family with three boys? We’re renting a car and heading to Boquete, stopping along the way. We’ve got a week.”

–Kelly B., United States

Our Panama-based staff suggests the Panama Canal, El Valle de Anton (canopy tour and the handicraft market, which is best on Sunday), the Embera Indian Village (Chagres), Gamboa Resort (take the Monkey Island tour), and horseback riding and the Caldera Hot Springs in Boquete.

Have fun.

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