Retire To Guanajuato, Mexico

“Kathleen, I want to second Annette’s e-mail. With luck, my husband and I will also be in the middle class and able to afford a reasonable though not wealthy retirement. We are mostly interested in Ireland, New Zealand, or Europe. I am going to Japan for a visit with friends during your Orlando event but would be interested in attending something in the off-season times in Europe. July in Paris was tempting, when you had your conference there last year, but flights from California were really expensive, so I didn’t make it then.

“Been reading your e-mails for many years…”

–Trish H., United States


Guanajuato. I have to agree. It’s the most unique city I have ever been to in my life (anywhere!). We love it. It’s got a great climate and so many things to do. Yes, I too think it’s the most romantic city in Mexico. It reminds me a little bit of Nice en Provence and some areas of the famous steps in Rome. It’s just a little too congested for us to retire there. We like a more open feeling, even if we live in a city.

“After avoiding San Miguel de Allende for like 40 years, we visited there this April. I had mistakenly thought there were so many gringos there that it had probably been ruined many years ago. Not so. The gringos and Europeans who’ve settled here have just made it better. The community in San Miguel is very international, with citizens from over 70 countries living there. There are also two very nice new golf courses just outside town. Not much has been disturbed in the ranch country around here since the time of the Revolution against Spain.

“They have some new townhouses on the edge of town, still within walking distance of the main town plaza, for only US$250 (equivalent) per month rent. This city needs a second look for retirees from the United States and Canada. It’s a very artsy town, with several large art institutes.”

–Cuyler S., Mexico