Retire To Ireland

“Kathleen, count me in. I have not been in Dublin in 54 years. However, I’ve been to the west of Ireland many times since. I have dual nationality. I lived in Ireland for over two years when I was a boy. My late wife came from Mayo. My mother came from Mayo. My father came from West Cork midway between Dunmanway and Drimaleaugue. I would be interested in anything that Lief has to offer.”

–Theo R., United States


“Kathleen, I can’t forget your unqualified comment about the prices for a hamburger you bought in Zurich. It’s not the price for a hamburger what went up, it’s the US$ and the euro, which are nothing worth anymore. The stupid wars and the ‘great’ U.S. banks have pushed the world’s economy into a crisis. Our small independent country did survive well. For years, you could buy more than 4 Swiss francs for US$1…now only 0.9.

“If all your reports are written the same way, they are not worth the paper.”

–Rolf B., Switzerland

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