Retire To Leon, Nicaragua

“You’ve written that it’s possible to rent an apartment In Leon, Nicaragua, for around US$500/month. Would that apartment be close to downtown or farther out of the center of the city?

“How much are the local taxi and bus fares in this country?”

— Shirley S., United States

Yes, you could rent an apartment in the center of Leon for US$500 a month. Leon is the second-largest city in this country, but it’s not that big. A taxi from one end of Leon to the other shouldn’t be more then US$2. The minimum fare the last time I was in Granada (as a point of reference) was about 60 cents.

There are no city buses. Remember, Nicaragua is a small country…and even its biggest cities are very easy to navigate, even on two feet.


“I have one question I could not find the answer to on your fabulous website.

“Do you know which overseas retirement countries allow gun ownership for personal protection? Does Panama?”

— Chris D., United States

In countries where it is possible to obtain a permit for gun ownership, you typically must be a legal resident. With a residency visa, you can get a gun permit in Panama and Nicaragua, for example. It isn’t easy, though. You have to provide a DNA sample and pass a psychological exam.

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