Retire To Los Islotes, Azuero Sunset Coast, Panama

“Kathleen, I follow all your Live and Invest Overseas messages and am impressed how you can keep up! I enjoyed reading about your stay in Kenya and about the 40 mattresses as a birthday present. Well done. I know the region well, because (when I was a kid) my family owned plantations in former British East Africa, presently Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Still have friends there.

“Congratulations on the quality of your information. I am particularly interested in updates on your Azuero Peninsula real estate project, which I hope to visit later this year. I like to live near the sea and enjoy ocean sunset, but wonder if heat, humidity, and rainy season would not become too tiring and lack of culture too boring after some time (I am 70).

“I also plan to visit Medellin to get a feel for the place, for its climate and culture, and already have some friends there. But I still need the sea and its sunsets.

“One of my Swiss friends just took a pensionado visa in Panama and loves being there, for one month or two, then back to this side of the Pond. Healthcare and taxes are just becoming crazy in Europe and North America, so we have to look ahead for better alternatives.

“Having said so, I refer to your comments about Paris, with which I fully agree. Paris is a great place to live. But not to work. I had a nice apartment at Place de Mexico (16th arrondissement near Trocadero and Victor Hugo) but sold it before France’s socialist government came to power and wrecked the up-market real estate. Sellers are numerous, buyers are scarce.”

–Andre S., Switzerland

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