Retire To Los Islotes, Panama

“Kathleen, many thanks for the wonderful articles you bring to your readers about the options for overseas retirement. My husband and I have researched several countries and have focused on Panama as the ideal destination for us. We just returned from our first visit, and I can truthfully say most everything you describe is right on!

“We spent 10 days in a rented car driving to all the destinations we’ve read about in your e-mails and your Overseas Retirement Letter.

“Panama City wasn’t for us. It’s too crowded and metropolitan for our tastes, and it’s so easy to get lost! El Valle and Boquete were both beautiful, and the rain forest hikes we took were amazing, but the high country is too rainy for us. I can certainly see why many expats love both locations, though. We ruled out Bocas Del Toro early on–a little too dirty and Bohemian.

“The east coast of the Azuero Peninsula has much to offer, but, after visiting the west coast, we absolutely fell in love! Beautiful, rolling hills that meet the sea, charming towns with friendly people, and a laid-back lifestyle that is both affordable and possible on a retirement budget!

“The people (both Panamanian and expat) we met everywhere were wonderful, and we managed an entire trip on my high school Spanish (a true feat, as high school was many years ago). One of our favorite memories is getting lost on the way down the west coast. We ended up in a small town and stopped to ask a group of people the way. When I obviously didn’t understand their directions (in Spanish), a lovely young woman jumped into our car with her young son and pointed the way back to the correct road. Then she just got out and went on her way! It is amazing that people can still be so open and trusting in today’s world.

“Many thanks to your staff, especially Lourdes and Gary from Los Islotes, both of whom have been extremely helpful. We are now back home working on tactics so we can buy our favorite lot at Los Islotes. We hope to return for your Live & Invest in Panama Conference next year to prepare for the move!”

— Sheila S., United States

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