Retire To Medellin, Colombia

“Of all of the places you’ve promoted this has to be the worst. Three words come to mind with Medellin: Medellin Drug Cartel.

“What warranties does your company provide that we readers who go to Medellin on your recommendation won’t be accosted or attacked simply for being American much less non-Hispanic (non-Latino)? The drug lords control all legal aspects of that country, so how can you warrant the rights and protections we are accustomed to? In truth you can’t. The very government of that country is in the drug cartel’s hip pocket.

“Next time how about addressing those security concerns before over-selling all the bells-n-whistles, okay?”

–Chuck B., United States

Lief Simon replies:

Right, no warranties. We’re not Sears.

As for your other comments about Medellin, I have to ask: Have you bothered to visit the city, or are you regurgitating years of old news stories?

We’ve been spending time in Medellin for about 18 months now. In our dozen or so trips, we haven’t been accosted or attacked by anyone for any reason let alone for “simply being American.” Frankly, I’m not sure how anyone walking down the street anywhere in the world would know we’re American just by looking at us. We could be Canadian, Irish, British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian, Chilean, Uruguayan, Australian, New Zealander…

If you haven’t been to Medellin, I suggest you make the effort to make the trip before speaking so ill of the place.

If you have been to Medellin, and this is your impression, then perhaps you should stay put wherever in the world you currently reside. In many ways, I’d say that Medellin is as good as it gets. In much of the rest of the world, certainly in much of the rest of this region, life is nowhere near as pleasant.

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