Retire To Medieval Todi, Italy

“Kathleen, I have been an avid reader of both your and Lief Simon’s letters for more than a couple of years now. Not only do I voraciously read all your newsletters, but I have also read your book (given to me by my brother as a gift) on retiring overseas, which I took to heart. I retired overseas just eight months ago!

“Deciding to leave my career as a professor in La Jolla, California, a couple of years earlier than planned, I made a look-and-see Todi trip last April during my one-week university spring break from actively teaching. Returning home to finish exams, grading final papers, posting grades, and putting my much loved La Jolla bungalow by the ocean up for sale, I moved in mid-May to Todi, Italy, a lovely, small, medieval town perched on a hilltop in Umbria! And here I am today, with my beloved companion, Tiffany, my dog of 10 years, enjoying the expat life in a country I had so dreamed of visiting for years!

“Presently, I am actively searching for an apartment to renovate in the centro storico to purchase for my home and home base for future travels throughout Europe.

“As you and Lief talk about so well, I, too, am making my life-long dreams come true! I am becoming immersed in the Italian lifestyle, studying Italiano, enjoying walks almost daily to the gorgeous Todi piazza, meeting up with local Italianios and expats, learning to cook and bake Umbrian foods, and traveling the countryside, frequently getting pleasurably lost in my travels in my new little macchina, affectionately named Bella.

“Tiffany and I are truly living our dream and would love to share our experiences here in Umbria’s beautiful countryside of Italia!”

–Polly M., Italy

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