Retire To Mexico

“Kathleen, I’m responding to your request for stories from people who are living overseas and who have started a business there to support themselves.

“We are those people. We purchased our 100-acre ranch on the Pacific coast of Mexico two hours south of Puerto Vallarta five years ago. I am a certified financial planner, and my husband is an architectural photographer. We are in our mid-50s.

“Here in Mexico, we have developed the world’s first solar-powered off-grid campground, and this year we will begin our sustainable community. You can read more about it on our website ( and more about the small nearby village of less than 200 people at

“My curiosity about and openness to living overseas has provided us early retirement and a life second to none…”

–Holly H., Mexico


“Kathleen, I have just posted a photo for your Facebook Photo Competition and thought I’d follow up with some of my story.

“I retired to the South of France a couple of years ago but find the winters harsh.

“Just before I retired, I had the pleasure of being posted to Goa, India, for one month and vowed to go back. I did, and I loved it as much as I remembered, for the culture, the countryside, and the wildlife. It offers much, much more than the usual sun, sea, sand, and partying that the tourist industry portrays for the place. As a photographer and budding writer, I enjoy the contact with talented people in the arts and music of all nationalities.

“I intend to return this November for another winter.

“However, the problems with visas for non-Indian nationals persist, so I have to look for another place to hang my hat longer term. Panama or Belize sound to be good options, and I will continue to investigate those possibilities. I am attracted to the wild a little more than the big cities, so Belize has a stronger pull for me, I think. At the same time, the hurricanes that strike the area from time to time trouble me a little. But nothing is perfect in this world, is it?”

–Anne K., France

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