Retire To Puerto Angel, Mexico

“Kathleen, I read your article about retirement in Thailand, Malaysia, Panama, Ecuador, and Colombia for low monthly expenses.

“I have found a place that is also affordable and that has good access to the United States, that is not horribly humid, that is sunny about 320 days a year, and that boasts pristine beaches, turtle and crocodile sanctuaries, nearby high mountain coffee plantations, a huge new Huatulco resort with Mexican architecture 40 miles away, a new four-lane super-highway from Oaxaca City under construction, cheap rent (less than US$300/month for a two-bedroom place near the beach), a nice clean town where most people speak some English, very inexpensive food (vegetables and fruit almost free…about US$1 per 5 pounds of fresh caught fish), beautiful scenery, a shopping town 7 miles east, only petty crime as this is far from the drug trafficking areas, inexpensive medical and dental in Oaxaca City, and a new nearby airport serving big planes.

“A friend, a U.S. Army retiree, lives well on US$900/month, could live moderately well on US$600/month.

“I’m talking about Puerto Angel, which has a small Canadian community and a few Americans but that has not really been promoted or discovered by U.S. tourists yet. Lovely Mexican architecture. Clean. The water is safe. Food is safe.

“I spend part of each winter here in Puerto Angel, where I have bought two lots, one for US$10,000 and another for US$12,000, both near the beach.”

–Dave L., Mexico


“Kathleen, why do you leave Manila, Philippines, out of your cheapest places to retire or live reports? The exchange rate of 45 pesos and the fact that many retired ex-military live here and a lot of English is spoken here make this a very cheap and also a very comfortable place to be!”

–James B., Philippines

We agree. The Philippines qualifies as one of the cheapest retirement havens on the planet as we approach 2012. Our first complete report on expat and retirement life in this part of the world will be featured in the January 2012 issue of my Overseas Retirement Letter, in process now.

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