Retire To Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

“Kathleen, if you are among the 40 million Americans without health insurance and now the ACA is offering you healthcare, why would you want to ‘Escape Obamacare’? The ACA, by no means perfect, is a vehicle toward continued improvement of the worst insurance-based health care system in existence.

“I recommend you choose your polarizing words more carefully. If you take a stand on an issue over which you have no control and you condemn the ACA law, even in faint praise, you will lose one-half of your base supporters. Do it again, and you are now down to one-quarter. You have a project to sell and you want expats to be D’s and R’s. As a D, I don’t want to resettle to a project full of right-wing crazies.

“You are doing a great job and providing opportunities and jobs to people. Congratulations! You have guts and qualities all admire. Don’t screw it up!”

–David H., United States

“Kathleen, we have found our retirement haven in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. We have purchased a lot in Palmera Beach, a gated community, and will be there in December to start building our new home. We will still have to return to Texas and finish our teaching year and start liquidating most of our belongings. Hopefully we will return to Puerto Cayo in July or August to start our wonderful new life.

“Kathleen and Lief, thank you for all of your help. The two Live and Invest Overseas conferences that we attended, the Overseas Retirement Letter we subscribed to, and the books we purchased were all very helpful in our quest to find our new home. Also, thank you to Lauren for all she does managing your events. She is amazing!

“I am so excited for our move. I can hardly wait.”

–Joyce R., United States (but not for much longer)

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