Retire To San Miguel De Allende

“Lief, your new Simon Letter is well worth the money spent. It is educational, comprehensive, and straight-to-the-point. I specifically appreciate your honesty. We would like to apply what you’ve learned from your experiences and share through your awesome e-letters and those of Kathleen’s. Perhaps some haven’t actually taken the step because of not wanting to leave family and friends behind or because they are still finding the courage. Finally, we are confident to take our first step…like Kathleen’s mother.

“You and Kathleen have repeatedly reminded your readers that it is possible to live overseas with a minimal budget, to start a new life and even a business, if set up properly. Your continuing education will allow us and many others to have a better life abroad.”

–Hal H., United States


“Kathleen, we were unable to attend your Scottsdale conference because we are on our final road trip to see our family spread out across the United States, prior to our relocation to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I retired on June 20, and your book and newsletter were the inspiration we used to make the decision that we were going to try an adventure outside the States. Due to the cost of health care coverage, this seems to be the only realistic hope that we have so that I could retire at age 60.

“We are on our way for the first stop in our adventure, due to arrive there on the 4th of May. We are set for Spanish classes when we get there and have committed in our minds to 12 months of San Miguel, and then we will move on for other opportunities in locations like Ecuador, Panama, and maybe Belize.

“We continue to read your newsletter and wanted to tell you thank you for the inspiration that has given us the courage to sell our home and all of our possessions and, along with our dog, to begin our transition to a retirement adventure!”

–John and Sandi W., United States

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