Retire To Thailand And The Philippines

“Hello, Kathleen. I have been reading your newsletter and find it very informative. I am about 10 years from retirement. My wife and I would plan to retire on the beach. We have been to the Philippines and Thailand. We like them very much. She is concerned we are too far from home. Myself not as much. I like the idea of a big change.

“We expect to receive around US$4,000 a month once we retire. Can we afford to a beachfront house with beautiful landscaping and pool in Thailand or on a Philippine island including food and transportation? If not, where would you recommend?

“What steps do we need to begin now to make our retirement dreams come true?”

–Ron D., United States

The very good news for you is that, on US$4,000 per month, you and your wife could afford to live almost anywhere you might want. Certainly you could live very comfortably on that budget in Thailand and the Philippines.

What should you do to get started realizing your dream? My 52 Day course is a great planning tool that walks you through everything you need to know and do, step by step.

I wish you all the best as you work toward your goal.

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