Retire To Thailand

”I currently reside in Florida and am two years away from retiring. When that time arrives, I will be 50-years-old and ready to begin my new life as an expat ‘somewhere.’

”I have been doing my research, traveling to different place, and considering the information you have provided as a guide in choosing an ideal location. I had really settled on Thailand, after a couple of trips there that allowed me to appreciate and fall in love with the culture, the people, the fun, and the cost of living.

”In the past, you have spoken highly of Thailand as a place to relocate, but you have not done so recently. I was wondering if something had happened that caused you to sour on Thailand?

”Thank you for any input you can provide.”

— Randy P., United States

Never fear. We’re still high on Thailand, and large numbers of American retirees are settling in Chiang Mai, for example.

The Thai government continues to tighten visa rules, especially for tourists and long-stay travelers. We recommend you apply for a retirement visa as soon as you’re sure of your plan. See for more.

More information here and here.

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