Retire To The Basque, in France

“Kathleen, I’ve just subscribed to your Overseas Retirement Letter and have enjoyed my first issue.

“I notice that you are planning reports soon on locations including France. Since I have a special interest in France (I am a UK citizen currently in France looking at things like the long-term tax, property purchase,  etc.), I would particularly like to know when your France report is planned?”

–Hugh G., France

We will feature a report on the Basque region of France in the January 2011 issue of my Overseas Retirement Letter.

Past issues of ORL are available in our online Bookstore. We have published a past report on Languedoc and another on the Bearn region of France.

In addition, we’re planning our annual Live & Invest in France Conference in Paris in June 2011.


“Kathleen, Vietnam is a fascinating country and well worth a visit, but it is not correct to imply that the Vietnamese work ethic will lead to future prosperity. The problem is the government. It is still obsessed with state control as a primary political objective, and it is still captive to an economic philosophy that is destined to fail.

“Until there is genuine respect for individual rights in the country, the establishment of strong contract laws that are necessary for businesses to thrive, and the protection of foreign investment capital, Vietnam will be an exotic vacation spot, and not much more.”

–John D., United States

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