Retire To The Coast Of Brazil In Saquerema, Rio De Janeiro

“Kathleen, I have lived in Saquerema in Rio de Janeiro county for 20 years, living in Dayton, Ohio, each summer and Saquerema in winter. My wife and I started visiting two weeks each year, gradually increasing to present six months in Brazil and six months in the United States.

“We live on a 15-mile beach, about 7 miles from the town, which was built by the Portuguese in 1600 with cobblestone streets. The front of our house faces the Atlantic Ocean, and the back faces a 3-by-8-mile lagoon. Salt water and fresh water fishing within a walk of three blocks.

“We both have Brazilian residency. Language was difficult at first because, in our little town, almost no English is spoken. Real estate is inexpensive for beach property, but retirees should rent first and then look to purchasing later. There are many inexpensive rentals. Our town is a vacation community similar to Cape Cod in the United States. With property owners living in Rio during the week and at their beach houses on long weekends and holidays.

“Air-conditioned busses pass frequently along the beach road, and Rio Central is a comfortable two-and-a-half hours away. Busses are free for 60+ years.

“I just thought your readers might like to hear about this place.”

–William N., Brazil

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