Retire To The Costa Del Sol, Spain

“Kathleen, I think that you are doing yourself a disservice by stating that, in your opinion, the Costa del Sol is unappealing. The Costa has the largest number of expats in the world, and there is a very good reason for that:

1. It is 2.5 hours from most European capitals.

2. In the winter, it is the warmest place in Europe.

3. A five-minute drive will take you into the countryside.

4. For parents with children, there are many international schools.

5. The standard of living is excellent and, by the rest of Europe’s standards, low cost. I had dinner last night, two courses, beer, bottled water, and brandy (with another on the house), for 22 euro. And it was an excellent meal in a local Spanish restaurant.

6. If you get homesick, you can go to Gibraltar for the day.

7. Yes, I have been to Panama, owned a home in Honduras, visit Roatan and Ft. Lauderdale regularly, and have visited most countries in South America and Asia, but I would not want to live in any of those places permanently. Nor would I want to live in most of the other countries that you have mentioned in other articles. I want a civilized standard of living at a reasonable cost and a safe place to live. With good medical care, which is excellent here.”

“Overall, the Costa del Sol gives me and many thousands of others a great place to live.”

–Stewart R., Spain

I’m glad you’ve found the place that suits you. As I remind readers regularly, so much of this is about personal priorities and preferences.

I invested in real estate on the Costa del Sol years ago…and did nicely in the deal. However, I wouldn’t want to take a vacation in this part of the world today, let alone take up residence there.

But that’s me. Because, for me, the Costa del Sol is everything that’s wrong with seaside overdevelopment the world over. It’s like the Cancun of Mediterranean Europe. And I wouldn’t recommend retiring to Cancun either.

Still, again, and sincerely, I’m glad it works for you.

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