Retire To The Philippines

“Kathleen, I’m a U.S.-born American retiree starting on my fifth successful year as a full-time resident in the Philippines. I note you have an Asian correspondent and give some coverage to Malaysia and Thailand, yet in months of reading I haven’t seen a word about the Philippines. Why?

“I believe the Philippines’ SRRV foreign-residency visa is far superior to Malaysia’s foreign residency program.

“All countries are good, all countries are bad, and you’re certainly wise to cover such a broad spectrum as you do, but I’m just curious as to why one particular democratic, English-speaking, dollar-friendly, gold-friendly, foreigner-friendly, low-cost-of-living country right in the middle of your Asian mix seems to be completely anonymous?

I operate a blog here outside Manila and am always willing to help introduce people to this country.”

–Dave S., Philippines

Lief and I are planning an extended Asia trip during the first half of 2011. The Philippines is on the itinerary.

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