Retire To The Tropics To Escape Winter

“Kathleen, everything you explained in your recent e-letter is nothing compared with Minnesota. We have mosquitos in summer, humidity in August, and, today, we are at 15 degrees below zero with so much snow that you cannot see the cars coming from the side streets because of the huge mounds of the white stuff left by the snowplows.

“When you are freezing your derriere off because of a frozen gas line or stalled alongside the road with a flat tire and no way to change it because of all the snow in the way, you realize that what you can find in the countries you write about every day is still paradise, even with all the frustrations you’re pointing out for us.

“And let’s not talk about taxes…

“Yes, I’m disillusioned. I’m hoping to sell my land and buildings and move out of here to the tropics as soon as I can pull it all together.

“I’d say it’s better to own a motor scooter in the tropics than to own a limousine in Minnesota in winter…”

–Ned M., United States

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