Retire To Turkey

“Kathleen, just wanted to tell you that every email I get from you is like a ray of hope. I see it and am reminded that I still have options to control my future.

“I’m not ready to make my move just yet. I’ve been unemployed for more than a year, but I have used that situation to finish a degree in computer science so I can work virtually and live in Panama, or wherever I want. Maybe I’ll be part of the year in Paris!

“Thank you for this service you provide. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to start preparations for my move.”

–Layne B., United States

“Kathleen, just discovered your website and like it. However, I noticed you don’t show the current president of Turkey on your page devoted to the country of Turkey.”

–Linda M., United States

Yikes. You’re right. Thank you for alerting us. We’ve fixed this.

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