Retiree Options In Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, And El Salvador

“Kathleen, I’ve been reading your newsletter for quite some time now, and you have given me the taste of another life! I almost did go to your seminar in Panama City last week but couldn’t make it.

“I would like to ask you a specific question: Do you think you could make a comparative commentary on all the Central American countries? I know you have a vested interest in Panama and you seem to really hate Costa Rica.

“However, what about the other neighboring countries, such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador? Are these markets not yet tapped by greedy promoters? I would really appreciate your particular insights.

“Thank you so far for your newsletter. It is convincing me to make the move!”

— Normand B., Québec, Canada

Yes, I’m committed to Panama…yes, I wonder how much sense Costa Rica makes right now (in many regards, not much)…

And, yes, we’re working on a more comprehensive overview of the region.

We’ve reported in recent months on Guatemala (Antigua is a top choice for expat living in a colonial city setting):

And on Belize (very bullish right now on this unassuming offshore haven with a long Caribbean coast):

And on Nicaragua (a small country with a big heart and the most romantic city in the Americas):

And on El Salvador:

We sent a scout to Honduras recently. His initial reports confirm what I’ve long believed about this country (that is to say, the mainland offers little to recommend it…but Roatan, in the Bay Islands, can be a good choice if you want the Caribbean with an established expat community)…

More soon.

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