Retirement And Health Care In Panama City

“Kathleen, my husband and I were at your San Antonio seminar and both have read your book How to Retire Overseas. We are doing our boots-on-the-ground tour and have been in Panama City for several days. We agree with your assessment—hot and humid and the traffic is horrendous. I said I will never complain about the traffic back home again.

“My point in writing to you. I took a terrible fall in the street yesterday, tripping over one of those little traffic bumps. I was alone as my husband was at the Budget Rental office. Two gentlemen came to my rescue as I don’t think I could have gotten myself out of the street. I had a horrible gash above my eye with a huge amount of blood. Everyone was so kind. No one initially spoke any English (and I speak very little Spanish). A very nice English-speaking lady went to get my husband. We were transported by ambulance to, I believe, St. Thomas Hospital. An English-speaking doctor stitched my gash up. Total cost for ambulance and medical care was US$2, and the prescriptions were US$11.

“Both my husband and I were so impressed by everyone who came to my aid and the cost of the medical care. Because my husband did not have the exact amount, the ambulance driver took US$2 out of her pocket to pay. My husband gave her the US$5 he had, but she found someone to break down the US$5.”

–Linda L. Joe S., Panama

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