Retirement And Travel In Goa, India

“Kathleen, I love your books and newsletters but have a question. Is there no town or city in the entire nation of India that can be reviewed or evaluated?”

–Paul A., United States

We’ve written about India here and here.


“Kathleen, I hope this email reaches you. We are not renewing our subscription to your Overseas Retirement Letter but only for this reason: Your book and then your newsletter educated and encouraged us to the point that we’re ready!

“The house is on the market, and we will be heading to Guadalajara and/or Lake Chapala, Mexico. Not sure where exactly, but will take the time to scout around and see what suits us best.

“We would not be this confident or this far along in our plans without the real-world education you’ve provided. I know there are other books and websites and quite a few blogs. They are helpful. But it all started with your book on living overseas, and then your newsletter gave us more practical action steps (and a little nudge…just do it!).

“Thanks to you, our ‘wishful thinking’ is becoming a reality.

“All the best to you.”

–Judith L., United States (but not for much longer!)

I appreciate the kind feedback and am delighted you’re on your way to launching your own overseas adventure…but, please, don’t leave us behind entirely! Keep reading these dispatches (they’re free, after all).

You’re taking the all-important first step. You never know where it will lead. We’d love to come along with you for the ride.

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