Retirement In Cotacachi, Ecuador, Versus Retirement In Cuenca…

“I have looked at your newsletters for quite some time. I have not seen anything about the Dominican Republic. Is that a good place to go?”

–Charles K., United States

Yes. We feature it among the 21 destinations of our 2014 Retire Overseas Index, out this week. Specifically, we highlight Samana.

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“Hi, Kathleen, I live in Cotacachi, Ecuador, and love the area. High in the Andes mountains with a very diversified environment. Forty-five indigenous villages surround us along with local Ecuadorians and expats. A nice blend of people. Not a big city catering to expats. I do humanitarian work and have lived here for four years. Ecuador has something to offer for everyone. Enjoy your newsletters.”

–Micky E., Ecuador

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