Retirement In David, Chiriqui, Panama, And Cuenca, Ecuador


“Kathleen, I have been reading your information on international living for years…I’m thinking from around 2002, maybe earlier.

“In 1999 I was in an accident, and I was forced to retire at the age of 55. So I started looking for where to go and what to do. Well, to shorten this down, I met a woman who stole my heart, and I moved to Panama to marry her in 2010. We are living happily ever after in our 2,000-square-foot house on 2 acres near David in Chiriqui. If I can be of any help, let me know.”

–Larry R., Panama


“Kathleen, I can hardly wait! We’ve just finished your 52 Days program, and our first reconnaissance trip will be in May. We are heading down to Cuenca to try Ecuador on for size. Thank you for all of the invaluable information and support. This is shaping up to be the start of the adventure of a lifetime!”

–Janet L., United States

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