Retirement In Ecuador Versus Retirement In Nicaragua

“Kathleen, I’ve been an avid reader of your website and newsletter for the last couple years. My wife and I even attended your conference in Ecuador. We thought that was the place we’d like to go live and invest. We decided against Ecuador because we are beach people and not highlands people. Ecuador wasn’t what we expected along the coast, and the constant gray skies for six months was a drag. Amazing people and amazing cities were easy to find there, but they were definitely in the mountains.

“So we decided to look elsewhere and began researching Nicaragua. It’s so easy to find expats online and get so much information from blogs and daily experiences there. We visited there in August and, much like you, fell in love with the coastline immediately. The people were also great. They are so welcoming of foreign people and the dollars they add to the local economies. They have a tremendous opportunity of tourism. So many great things to see and experience.

“We will be moving to Nicaragua in April 2016. Working on preparing to sell everything and leave has proven to be a pretty large undertaking. My wife and I are younger than most people that leave for another country, but we are taking her mother with us. She’s just retired and can’t wait for a new adventure.

“I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad that people didn’t show up to your recent conference due to being afraid. There are awesome investing opportunities in the country, but we are drawn by the slower pace and lower cost of living. There’s also so much opportunity to give back and help others in this country. So many positives about the country that people just will never understand until it’s all big and grown up like Costa Rica.

“We are going to reside in San Juan del Sur and can’t wait to get there. We’ll be going back over the Thanksgiving holiday with many of our family members to show them this beautiful country.

“Those who didn’t take the opportunity to give the country a chance are truly missing out. But there’s a big part of me that is perfectly ok with people not wanting to go there. I love that the beaches aren’t crowded.

“Thank you for all the information and opportunities you push out weekly. There are lots of us listening and taking action as a result to try new adventures.”

–Hollis D., United States

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