Retirement In Las Tablas, Panama

“Kathleen, ‘amusing’ may not be how others saw your article on opening an overseas bank account, but, based on my own recent experience, it seems the most appropriate description.

“I recently opened an account with a Panama Credit Union without a problem (other than time and paperwork). The funds went in, I received my deposit slip receipt and felt good about taking this minor step toward freedom.

“But since then, communication has been skimpy at best. Not even a balance statement. And I want to deposit further funds on a regular basis.

“Guess I’ll just keep e-mailing and hope for the best…”

–Mike L., United States


“Kathleen, I read the article you wrote on Las Tablas, Panama, that was posted to Yahoo last week. Looks like a great place to move to from Miami now that I’m an empty-nester! I’m newly retired and looking to make a change, and the prices certainly seem reasonable.

“Do you have any other information on Las Tablas? Whatever info you have would be greatly appreciated.”

–Stu K., United States

All that has to do specifically with Las Tablas, including budgets, can be found here.

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