Retirement In Medellin, Colombia, Versus Retirement In Panama City, Panama

“Kathleen, excellent comparison piece recently for Panama City versus Medellin. I’d have never thought to compare these two cities.

“I’d only add one attribute and one data point to the mix.

“The attribute I’d add is the weather. The weather here in Medellín is neither too hot nor too cold, and we’re able to leave the windows open (with no screens) day and night. My gym doesn’t have walls, permitting fresh air and a nice valley view…for that matter, many nice restaurants we go to don’t have walls either.

“The average daily high temperature is 80.6° (27°C) and only varies one degree throughout the year. Nights are in the 60s. Panama City, on the other hand, is relatively hot and humid; average highs vary seasonally between 85° and 90° (29° to 32°), but humidity levels run from 87% to 93%.

“The data point that I’d add is with respect to residency. I obtained a pensioners’ visa, and all I needed (aside from photos) was proof of income; and the required amount is less than US$1,000 per month. My approval took just two days, at the consulate in Montevideo (other consulates, or in-country applications may vary). Due to my property purchase, I also qualify for permanent residency as a real estate investor; although in my case, the pensioners’ visa was a bit easier to get. Colombia was my easiest residency so far…and easier than in Uruguay, Ecuador, or Brazil.”

–Chris M., Colombia

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