Retirement In Panama Versus Retirement In Ecuador

“Kathleen, I’m sure you don’t remember us, but my husband and I attended your Panama conference last year. We spent some time in the country after the conference, but unfortunately didn’t find the right spot for us. After more research, we’ve settled on Cuenca, Ecuador, and are in the last stages (we hope) of applying for residency there. The paperwork is finally in the hands of our lawyer in Quito, and we have both our fingers and toes crossed.

“By the way, though, we both liked Rainelda Mata-Kelly very much when we met her in Panama and would definitely have availed ourselves of her services had Panama worked out for us. Please pass that on to her if you have the chance and tell her hello for us!

“I was just reading about your Emergency Offshore Summit in August, and, much as I would like to attend, we really can’t commit right now as we have no idea exactly where we’ll be at that time. We’re in limbo, waiting for the powers that be in Ecuador to make up their minds. So my question is whether you will have recordings and videos available to purchase after this conference, as you have after others? We most definitely would be interested in that!

“Along with subscribing to the Overseas Retirement Letter and the Simon Letter, we’ve been keeping up with you all in your free newsletters, and I just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to your dispatches about building your house in Los Islotes.What a great idea to document that process!”

–Debbie D., United States


“Kathleen, anyone who would be more willing to live in Panama than in Paris should be collecting a mental disability pension…”

–James B., United States


“Kathleen, where was the picture of the person surfing in your new video? There are a lot of us old surfers who are ready to get out of the United States. You should cater to our group and show us the way. I think it would be worth your time to put an add on , most of us old surfers use it and would like to get out before it is too late..”

Tim Z., United States

I believe the surfing shot in the video you’re thinking of is from Playa Venao, on the Pacific coast of Panama. It’s considered one of the best surfing beaches in the world. Billabong has hosted international tournaments here, including last year.

We’ve lately met a number of “old surfers” ourselves…and they’ve told us the same thing. We’re on it.

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