Retirement In Panama Versus Retirement In Portugal

“Kathleen, my wife Judie and I met you and Lief at the recent LIOS Panama conference in Panama City, which we enjoyed very much. I mentioned to you that we have been following your publications and purchased a number of your products over the past year-and-a-half and had narrowed our overseas retirement locations to two… Panama and Portugal.

“We visited Portugal this past February (before we knew you would be hosting a Live and Invest in Portugal Conference). Our visit to Portugal, though, was based on your selection of it as your #1 pick for 2015.

“We attended your Panama conference so we could make a final decision between our two final picks. You remarked that our two finalists were quite different and asked if I would let you know our final decision. We’ve spent a couple weeks now mulling over the pros and cons for each location and have decided on Portugal. It really came down to it being the best fit for us. Even though it is further away and uses a different currency, we were drawn to its beauty, tranquility, history, climate, welcoming people, and safety. We will be moving there in January 2016.

“We would like to thank you and your team for a very nice conference experience in Panama and for all the invaluable information you provided us during our search for our perfect overseas retirement paradise. We believe we have found it in Portugal! All the best for your upcoming event there! Warm regards.”

–Jim & Judie B., United States… headed for Portugal

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