Retirement In Phuket, Thailand, Versus Retirement In Ecuador And Panama

“Hello Y’all! I wish to say, that with the high probability of a ‘grid down’ scenario (which is predicted by experts in near future), coupled with the fact that many of us still wish to hold a book in our hands, would you please consider (as many have) making this and other publications available in a physical format in the future?

“Thank you, and have a Happy Holiday Season.”

–Alan M., United States

I don’t think it’d be practical for us to try to deliver these daily dispatches in any physical form. However, I have compiled many of the ideas we consider in these dispatches into two books, “How To Retire Overseas” and “How To Buy Real Estate Overseas.” I’m working on a third book and plan to continue writing books as long as someone has an interest in reading them!


“Kathleen and everyone, hello from Phuket, Thailand! My husband John and I enjoyed the conference in Nashville earlier this year. We had this trip planned to Phuket for Christmas because my husband has been all over Asia traveling for work, and he seemed to think that we would want to retire here. So this was my first test, and I have to admit sadly that I don’t think I like it here much. We probably should have gone on to Chiang Mai or somewhere other than Phuket for my first trip.

“I have been trying to steer my husband to Nicaragua after meeting Mike Cobb and maybe Ecuador or Panama after listening to the speakers at the conference. That would be better for our families in Virginia.

“One more thing…imagine our surprise when we were eating lunch here the first week and saw Julian from the Nashville conference who is also traveling in Phuket. Now that’s a small world for sure.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

–Carole W., United States

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