Retirement Life In Medellin, Colombia, Versus Retirement Life In Montevideo, Uruguay

“Kathleen, Lief, Lee, et al., thank you for your great insights. Having met you all at the Phoenix conference, it is delightful to be able to picture you as I read your articles. Y’all make things come alive yet are practical as well…very helpful.

“Your recent piece on Medellin versus Montevideo was excellent timing for me. I have been trying to bring down my list to a final two choices of locations for visits. One is the south of France and the other is between Montevideo and Medellin.

“To help with my research, I purchased the really great 52 Days to Living Overseas program, which was sent to me on my home computer. However, the hard drive crashed when I was only partially through the program. May I ask you to resend the course materials to my work computer?

“Very excited re the future thanks to you. Thanks so much for helping us all consider the wonderful possibilities. My countdown calendar is two to three years.”

–Pamela M., United States

No problem. Karen, our Customer Service Manager, is taking care of having all the 52 Days course materials resent to your new e-mail address.


“Kathleen, Montevideo versus Medellin is an easy call actually. Uruguay is the least corrupt country in South America. Montevideo has stable real estate prices, nice economy, and a friendly European lifestyle.

“The residents of Montevideo are made up as follows: 25% originate from Italy, 25% originate from Germany, 25% originate from France, the rest are South American. So basically Uruguay is little Europe.

“Medellin, Colombia, is drug lord infested, with no real economy.

“Montevideo has nice cafes, nice restaurants, affordable food prices, first-class health care system, very good taxation system for foreigners, and they speak English, Italian, Spanish. Colombia speaks Spanish and nothing else.

“Montevideo beats Medellin by 100 miles. There is no comparison.”

–Rosario C., United States


Montevideo versus Medellin? Tough call you suggest in your recent essay. I say, not tough at all. Montevideo (and Uruguay in general) is much too liberal, having followed in the footsteps of the United States and (especially) Europe in many ways. I’d pick Medellin in a heartbeat.”

–Michael C., United States

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