Retirement Living In Morelia, Mexico

Retirement Living In Morelia, Mexico

“You give Morelia, Mexico, rave reviews, but the altitude is what, about 6,500 feet? Way too high for me. It’s hard to breathe over 5,000 feet. And you have to consider whether Morelia offers conveniences that Americans expect, such as American mail services and being able to drink the water from the tap.”

— Mark T., United States

High altitudes can be a problem for some, and, certainly, you don’t want to think about moving to high elevations if you have heart trouble or asthma.

You aren’t going to find “American” mail services anywhere but in America. In Britain, you’ll find British mail service; in France, French mail service; etc. Outside the developed world, many places have limited or unreliable to-your-door mail delivery, and, living there, you’ll need to arrange for a mail-forwarding service. We use a group out of Miami for delivery of our mail here in Panama City.

Finally…tap water. If being able to drink the water from your tap is a deal breaker for you, dear reader, maybe you should reconsider the idea of living in another country altogether. At least adjust your expectations. No place you move to is going to be just like the place you’re coming from. Often, drinking bottled water is the least of the inconveniences.