Retirement Options In Brazil

“Kathleen, I really enjoy your newsletter. My wife is from Brazil, and we are planning on moving there in the next two years. I was wondering what you think of Brazil as a retirement destination? If you have any past newsletters or information on Brazil could you please direct me there?”

–Charlie B., United States

Generally speaking, I don’t think Brazil makes sense as a retirement choice for most people. (We’re talking about retirement options, not investment opportunities. Two very different things.)

Brazil is a complicated place to bank, to move money around, etc., and it can be expensive. However, having a Brazilian wife would make a big difference. With her help, you’d be much more successful navigating life in this country than the typical foreign retiree.

Brazil is a big, beautiful place offering many lifestyle options. With a local connection and the ability to operate and communicate at the local level, it could be a great choice.

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