Retiring And Starting A Business

“Kathleen, we bought our house in Playa Blanca six years ago and, when things went awry economically in the States, we packed up and moved with our 32-year-old son and three dogs to Panama. Being a young thinking retiree on Social Security, my husband Len decided to open a car repair business within three months of our move here. It has been very successful, and now we have a second business. It was not always easy, but no place is…

“The auto repair business has introduced us to expats since we now have over 450 English-speaking customers as well as some Spanish-speaking clients. We have a great reputation not only in the interior but also with insurance companies in the city who have asked us to care for their customers’ cars in the beach area.

“Our business has expanded so much that we are looking for a larger facility. Expats sometimes just stop by, have coffee in our waiting room, and catch up on what is happening here and in Canada and United States.

“We are so thankful we made the right decision and left all the stress of high costs back in Florida. Our son met a darling Panamanian girl and plans on getting married next year. He has not been back to the States and is very happy living in Panama.

“I read about Panama from your Panama Letter before making the decision to move here…so thank you.”

–Lynn and Len M., Panama

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