Retiring To The Beach In Corozal, Belize

“Hello, everyone at Live and Invest Overseas. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. My decision to spend my time in Belize has been wonderful. Through the research I have done through you and your team I couldn’t have chosen a better place for me. Being a Canadian, it is very difficult to give up my health care. As a consequence I have been spending six months per year in Belize and six months at home in Brampton, Ontario.

“I cannot say enough about how beautiful Belize is. Yes, the weather is hot, but occasionally it can get cool. It depends on the wind.

“I am a renter on a government pension. When you say that a couple can live on US$1,500/month in Belize, I cringe. My income is less than that; however, I am only one person. My experience from last year proved that I can rent, eat out, see some interesting places, shop in Chetamul, and pretty much do as I please and still come home with some money saved. What more can I say.

“One of the perks of Belize, in my opinion, is that almost everyone speaks English. In addition to that, both the expats as well as the Belizeans are absolutely the nicest and kindest people I have ever met.

“Just a little story about my first day in Belize.

“I arrived in Belize City from Toronto. I decided I would take a taxi to my new home in Consejo (about a two-hour ride) so that I could see some of the country, just to get a feel. When we finally arrived in Corasol, I asked my taxi driver if I could stop to get a phone and have lunch. No problem. We managed to do both. Now I am off to a good start. Then we proceeded to Consejo, which is 6.2 miles from Corazol. However, last year the rainy season was a brute. About halfway to Consejo, my taxi driver informs me that he can’t go any further. There is a puddle that covered all of the road ahead of us for about 1,000 feet. So what do I do now?

“In the meantime, a four-wheel-drive SUV passes us, and, unbeknownst to me the taxi driver is blinking his lights. Then I see the SUV turn around and come back through the small river to where we are on dry land. He is an expat named Ken and he is with his wife Patti. The taxi driver explains to him where I am going, and Ken says no problem. He starts to take my bags and put them in his vehicle. At home I would never do this. I tell him that I am staying at Audrey’s house and he says, ‘I know Audrey, no problem!’

“So Ken and Patti drive me right to the door, honk the horn, and we wait for someone to come out. Eventually a lady named Denise comes from behind us to say she is looking after the property. She says don’t worry, we have been waiting for you.

“Ken grabs my cases and puts them on the porch of the cottage I had rented, which is about 30 or 40 feet from the water. It is so cute, and I am so excited just be finally be here. I FaceTime my son, just to let him know I arrived and show him the cottage and how close to the water I am. After that, Denise takes me for a tour of Consejo, showing me where the restaurants are and where the tienda is. An adventure for an old babe like me. But I arrived safe and sound and exhausted. Early to bed.

“Since that day I will feel ever indebted to Ken and Patti for saving me from who knows what. But I can tell you that it has been the best place I could even dream of for a get-out-of-the-cold affordable paradise.

“I will be indebted to Live and Invest Overseas for all of the best info to help me make my choice.

“Thank you to everyone responsible.”

–Barbara W., Belize


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