Retiring To The Beach At Playa Venao, Panama

“Kathleen, I love your newsletters and have been reading them (all!) for a few years now. I spent nine days in Panama in September and fell in love with the country. It was more beautiful than I ever expected. My son and I (I’m 58) were blown away by the beauty and remoteness of Playa Venao.

“I see big things happening in that area and would love to retire near there, but I wasn’t too impressed with Pedasi and didn’t really see much of a community in Playa Venao. I really liked Las Tablas, except for the distance from Venao, so I guess my question is this: If a person wants to retire near Playa Venao for the beauty and the surf, where do you recommend him hanging his hat?”

–Wayne B., United States

The truth is, if you want to live at or near Playa Venao, that’s your only option—to live at or near Playa Venao. This means, as you’ve figured out, living in a remote area with little infrastructure and few services. Pedasi would be the nearest town of note…then Las Tablas.

Development is coming to Playa Venao. It’s making its way down both sides of this Azuero Peninsula coastline. However, Playa Venao is all the way down at the bottom. It will be some time still before it’s developed to any really comfortable level.

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