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“Kathleen, I think my fellow expats and future expats and wannabe expats are mostly doing it wrong. You and Lief have it right. Pick a place. Go there, explore. Move on if you want. We have changed our lives and need to go back to the 1800s when the settlers started moving across America. Pick up whatever belongings you can carry and move on! They would reach St. Louis (pre-Arch) and try it for it a while. Then pack things up because there was more opportunity farther along the path of progress.

“The times are changing. We no longer have the forever job with the forever company that promises to take care of you until you die. We have built these ‘keeping up with the Jones’ McMansions and collected all these items of wealth. And we are more miserable and less happy with our lives. Move on! Quit planning for four years about where you might go and just go. The most rewarding part of the journey is the journey. Please quit planning where you want to go and die, and start going out and living. Don’t make excuses and figure every budget. Life is a moving target. Just pull the trigger.

“I have been full time in Belize for almost six months, and I have enjoyed every minute. I could easily stay here. And I could always come back. But right now, Costa Rica is calling. I have been there three times and love it more and more each time. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on staying forever. There is a small business opportunity that I think will be fun. I will be 250 yards from a National Park that is a surf beach and 1 mile from the rain forest. My favorite waterfall in the world is less than an hour away.

“I already think that Granada, Nicaragua, could be next on the agenda but who knows? This grandpa is not going to let anything stand in his way. I have dreams and energy, and I’m ready to use them. If you are thinking about Belize, I will plug my very good friend Phil Hahn and his development at Carmelita Gardens. Big things are coming to the Cayo. Try it.

“Thank you, Lief and Kathleen, for opening my eyes.”

–Scot C., Belize

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