Retiring To Europe Versus Retiring In Central And South America

“Kathleen, your blogs are my favorite place to go any day for a push to go live abroad. From the roots I’ve established in Northern California (not a bad place to be), it’s a Herculean task to uproot the biggest part of my life—my husband!

“For the past several years I’ve diligently scoured blogs about living in Central and South America. There is great appeal to living in a warmer climate in a country friendly to Americans (as long as they extend the welcome mat, as you point out). I’ve done research in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Your description of Casco Viejo in Panama really appeals, and so do Granada and Leon in Nicaragua. Costa Rica sounds overdone, in a way. Uruguay also appeals, not only because of its own attributes, but being contiguous to Brazil, one of my favorites. Paraguay is interesting because of its still more indigenous culture.

“However, I have to face realities. Getting my husband to consider one of these places is going to be hard, given that he’s not comfortable in Spanish. That’s why I’ve been interested in your recent blogs that have opened my eyes to the allure and the realistic possibility of finding a reasonable cost of living in southern Europe. I am going to Europe in April to research places to plant ourselves so we can right-size our retirement.

“All to say, good job, Kathleen. I am a fan of your work, and thank you for the continued impetus to move on!”

–Karina N., United States

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