Retiring To Spain Versus Retiring To Portugal

Aloha nui loa, Kathleen. I have traveled to many countries where most of the people speak Spanish, a language that I adore. Muy romantico, si? In the past I have traveled to each country for three months, including Portugal on the coast near España, Puerto Rico, Vieques, Bermuda, etc., and I always adore really getting to know the very friendly people.

“Now I am thinking of settling permanently somewhere for at least half of each year. Spain is the place that I am most interested in. I’m from Hawaii, but I am ready to travel from it. I am interested in the area where Lief bought on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. However, I have been told that there are few Spanish folks living there, but that it is primarily a retirement mecca for people from the UK. So, I can’t seem to decide between Spain near Portugal or the other way around. Portugal has visitors but is mainly occupied by the Portuguese.

“I am a faithful follower of both of you!”

— Mahealani K., Hawaii

You’re addressing one of the most important questions to be answered as you try to determine the best place for you to launch your new life overseas. Do you want to go local…or would you be more comfortable living among fellow foreigners?

Note that Lief’s experience on the coast of Spain was years ago and with a straight-up profit objective. Lief made money on a pre-construction investment in the Costa del Sol, but I don’t think either he or I would enjoy living in that part of the world, primarily for the reason you identify. This stretch of Spain’s coast has developed (I would say unfortunately so) to be not very Spanish.

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