Risks Of Retiring Overseas

“Kathleen, I sure agree that it’s a good thing that Lief is thick-skinned, as it seems so many readers seem to want to blame him for all their problems, when moving out of the United States.

“Personally, I thoroughly enjoy reading the mails I receive from all of you! I’m not too sure that another country as unpredictable as the one I live in, Argentina, may exist in the world. My only hesitation when deciding to move abroad is the thought of life elsewhere being slightly boring and too organized! But I think I will soon leave mi Buenos Aires querido and settle in southern France or in Barcelona, Spain.

“Once again, thank you for your interesting and newsy mails. They are greatly appreciated.

“Ukraine sounds challenging. But I’d say that 800 miles away from the war zone is safe enough.”

–Patricia B., Argentina

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